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Andheri-Hilfe Bonn

Children & Youth

In India and Bangladesh, children and young people are frequently living under particularly poor conditions. They are, therefore, a primary target group of Andheri Hilfe.

In India, 40 to 100 million children (in Bangladesh the figure is about 8 million) have to work hard to earn their and their families' living. Hundred thousands are working for years as bonded labourers helping to pay back the mostly small credits granted to their parents at excessive interest rates. Under these conditions, child labourers have no chance to go to school or to develop their physical and intellectual talents. Consequently, they have no hope for a better future.

Andheri-Hilfe supports projects in various parts of India and Bangladesh in favour of street children and child workers. They are to be given the chance, wherever possible, to grow up in their families and to go to school in order to gain a better perspective for their future.

Our educational projects offer chances to young people of poor families to obtain a professional training even if they had no chance to finalise an orderly school curriculum. Their parents should not have to rely, for their survival, on the work of their children. They are, therefore, in the frame of our educational projects, supported through generating alternative income sources

A health and hygiene package for children costs 24 €.